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Team building plays a pivotal role in building good, harmonious relationships between all members of a company’s organisational structure. These relationships can be built, maintained and strengthened through any of the many enjoyable and beneficial activities we offer. Bass Lake’s team building activities include raft building, archery, wine blending, ‘draadkar’ races, volleyball and drumming circles.

Our friendly team building facilitators ensure that activities are thoroughly enjoyed, safely facilitated and are as advantageous as possible. These trained and skilled personnel operate effectively but unobtrusively – making sure your activity is executed correctly and achieves great results in terms of encouraging maximum team participation, cohesiveness and interactivity.

A strong team can lead to major gains

Team expert Stephan Lindeque has found that a strong team can lead to major gains. These include the ability to maximise profitability by allowing individuals to better combine their skills to achieve more with less. Retaining the best people by giving everyone a greater sense of involvement and belonging. Empowering teams to become more mission focused and to achieve business goals whilst saving time and money.

Team building provides a chance for the team to participate together in an experience where everyone starts with an equal level of knowledge about the given task. The challenge of a new experience also requires employees to collaborate and work together, which helps to develop relationships quickly.

Our team building activities are designed to create trust and rapport between all staff members and across all employee levels of your organisation – ensuring the lessons learnt here are taken back to the work environment.

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